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2015-2016 Season Player Assessment’s

Vail Soccer Club has had one round of player assessment already—-but has more planned over the next couple months as the 2015-2016 soccer season begins.  If you would like to be included in VSC’s program and find a placement on a VSC team–please send an email to and provide your player’s birthdate and gender.  VSC will then contact you with a recommendation day for your player to visit a VSC event.

Announcing Vail Soccer Nights 2015

Vail Soccer Club will once again offer the clinic called Vail Soccer Nights (VSN) during the school break in May/June.  VSN will occur at Cienega HS’s west and north fields (like last year) from 6PM to 7PM for players younger than 8 as of 21 July 2015 and from 6PM to 7:30PM for 8-13 year old players.  Dates for VSN are 10 random nights consisting of 26, 28 and 30 May, then 2, 8, 11. 13, 16, 18, and 20 June.  (Cienega HS fields are in high demand again this summer and these dates work around planned HS summer activities).  Cost for VSN is 40 dollars for one player, 60 dollars for two players, and 70 dollars for 3 players (email me to discuss options for more players per family.)  The fee covers the cost for a VSC t-shirt, player insurance, field rental fees, etc.

TO REGISTER:  All players who participate in VSN must be registered to obtain proper insurance.  If your player has played soccer with VSC or participated in a prior year VSN—it is likely I have your registration information already.  If I don’t have your player information, I will send you the registration form upon receiving an email from you with the NAMES OF PLAYERS ATTENDING, AGE, AND THEIR T-SHIRT SIZE.  Email address is

VSC has used the “nights” for both beginning and more developed levels of play.  For beginning players it is a good time for parents to determine your player’s interest in the game of soccer before fully committing to a season of soccer.  During the “nights”—–VSC does not divide up into teams but rather places your player with similar performing players and then works on the very basics if needed, or teach everyone a new move.  Each night is by itself a “stand-alone” event—-missing one night or so is not a problem since no team involvement will be affected.

Please send checks made out to Vail Soccer Club or VSC to 8110 South Houghton Road, Suite 158, Box 108, Tucson, AZ, 85747.

For more information please contact VSC at